Most Frequent Questions & Answers

We are providing this service for families that need a dignified funeral at the most affordable price. This service cuts out all the unnecessary costs normally associated with the traditional funeral – e.g. numerous funeral vehicles & staff, funeral home hire, embalming, floral tributes.

After the administrative paperwork is complete & approval is given for cremation, we will bring your loved one to the crematorium. If there is a delay, your loved one will be brought to our climate controlled mortuary until the approval is given for cremation.

We will be able to perform this complete process provided that your loved one has passed and is at a hospital, nursing facility or residence in Ireland.

Under normal circumstances, the Cremation process should be completed within 5 business days.

We will call or email you. If there has been no contact by the end of the next business day, please check in with us to ensure that paperwork was received by us.

Yes, your loved one will be brought into our care and we will follow up with the administrative paperwork and secure payment.  There is an additional fee to transport from a residence or nursing facility.

There are a number of reasons an increasing number of people are choosing Direct Cremation, which may include:

A Direct Cremation is an affordable alternative to a traditional Funeral

Your loved one expressed their wishes for a low-key Funeral

Your loved one did not wish for a Funeral with a religious ceremony. Should your loved one have wanted a religious service, you may wish to organise a memorial at a later date.

Family or friends of the deceased live far away
It is easier to transport ashes abroad than to repatriate. Some people also choose Direct Cremation because as the next of kin, the responsibility to arrange the Funeral has fallen to them, but they were not particularly close to the deceased.

You want to hold a celebration at a different time and place away from the Crematorium

Whatever your reason for choosing Direct Cremation, we will guide you through the entire process.

No need to visit the undertaker – make all of the arrangements from the comfort of your own home in your own time
Simple paperwork – we send everything you need via email for you to check and sign
Support for your choice – we believe that you know what you need and it’s our job to make things easy
A less traumatic experience – by separating the cremation from the farewell you can focus on the good memories and being together in a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed
Clear, honest pricing – we never try to sell you a more expensive Funeral or slip in hidden extras.